New Crowdfunding Platform By Endotech

D.AI.SY is an Equity Crowd Funding Model using a decentralized smart contract
system. D.AI.SY is a disruptive crowd funding model for the development of
Endotech’s Decentralized AI System. Daisy AI is the next generation of AI trading
which will significantly multiply current AI performance.
D.AI.SY is a model where everyone can win, with profits, equity and income.
Contributors receive exclusive stock equity and profit rewards.

Review Presentations Below:

Daisy Explained In Two Minutes

Daisy AI Presentation

New Launch Date

Daisy AI Introduction

Daisy AI Comp Plan Overview

Daisy Interview With Dr Anna Becker Of Endotech

Endotech & Dr. Anna Becker?

Dr. Anna Becker’s deep-learning algorithms manage over 1 Billion dollars of investment (AuM) and have been deployed in managing institutional capital for more than a decade. Her teams of AI scientists have more than 20 proprietary AI systems in operation and serve as the AI investing backbone of trading at more than 150 investment firms across the United States, Europe and Asia.

Following her PhD in Artificial Intelligence at the elite Technion University, Dr. Becker has founded and sold several AI companies in the FinTech space and is now the founder and CEO of Endotech.

Points of Emphasis and Review

You DO NOT have to refer people. You can earn passive income from Endotech trading activities. However, if you refer people, there are multiple ways to earn money (most simultaneously) with the D.AI.SY referral plan.


  • 3×10 Forced Matrix Bonus
  • Personal Referral Bonus
  • Matrix Check Matching Bonus
  • Pacesetter Revenue Share Bonus
  • Upfront Infinity Bonus
  • Infinity Check Matching Bonus


  • 10 Generation Unilevel Trading Bonus
  • Infinity Residual Bonus
  • Infinity Check Matching Bonus


Pace-Setters Equity Bonus

There are 10 Crowd Funding packs to choose from starting at $100.00

Packs 1–7: 50% goes into Daisy Fund for trading

Packs 8–10: 70% goes into Daisy Fund for trading

  • 70% of trading profits rewarded back to you
  • The top AI strategies have produced 423% to 1514% annual ROI– 15% of all trading profits goes into referral residual plan
  • Withdraw trading profits at any time
  • Get stock in Endotech, 5% shared equally
  • Up to 46% Upfront Payout in referral planReferral Plan funds $10M to Daisy AI for Development

Please review the Comp Plan video above for more details.

Legal Disclaimer: Past performance does not guarantee future results. Historical results are with compounding returns.

We are not the official site for DAISY! We are a financial motivation group participating in the D.AI.SY crowd funding initiative. Information for this site was compiled from the official D.AI.SY presentation document and from network money.me.